Accelerate payments from your clients

Boost your cash flow by using our cloud-based solution to negotiate payment terms with your clients

Improve control over your cash flow by monitoring clients’ payment terms

Built by financial experts, MYminiCFO helps your finance teams reward clients by designing payment incentives that fit your goals

Fix your cash flow

Reward your customers for early payments when you need more cash flow

Generate additional sales

Offer compelling rebates or credit sales to empower your salesforce

Improve loyalty

Incentives improve client loyalty and satisfaction

Craft the most relevant client incentive strategy and put it on autopilot

Integrated with your ERP, MYminiCFO estimates the financial impact of your incentive program and automates the full invoicing workflow

1/ Set up a customized client incentive program

  • We help you craft your invoicing strategy

Our software is integrated with your ERP. We use it to recommend client incentive programs by using your financial profile to predict the impact of the changes.


  • You can adopt one or more among these 5 strategies:

2/ Automate your client incentive process

  • We send invoices & incentive offers to your clients

  • We record your clients’ choices

  • We transfer the data to your ERP system in real time

After we send invoices to your clients and record their decisions, we automatically update your invoice records and provide financial forecasts in your ERP system.

3/ Track the performance and financial impact of your program

We provide a detailed analysis of your performance that allows you to fine tune your strategy

The actual performance and financial data for each incentive is provided in real time.

How it fits into your ecosystem

Everything in one place

Our secure encrypted platform manages the full process

Easy integration with your ERP

Our SaaS integration is hassle-free and quickly brings your teams up to speed

Here’s why MYminiCFO is right for your business

Frequently Asked Questions


How can we help?

Here are the most common questions about our solution. For other questions, please use the “Contact us” button.

How does it work?

MYminiCFO is cloud-based software.

Clients access the platform via any traditional browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer).

Our solution is integrated with Xero, Quickbooks and Sage Intacct, making it more convenient to access invoicing, financial data, and your clients’ contact information. However, it can operate independently.

How do I know these client incentives are relevant for my business?

We use our platform to analyze your cash flow and margins using data from your ERP system. We use this data to recommend appropriate incentives.

Request a demo to try it out for yourself!

Is it a good fit for my company's needs?

We all may face exceptional (or seasonal) cash shortfalls. We may also urgently need to finance growth or new investments.

In contrast, when cash flow is abundant, we may generate additional revenues, by making credit sales.

In any case, MYminiCFO will help you optimize your financial performance and you may see its effects on the first day.

What does the client workflow look like?

After the platform sends e-invoices and incentives to your clients, they can access their own MYminiCFO interface (all they need to do is click on a link provided in the email), where they may make their choice.

The platform will then automatically update cash and revenue forecasts in your ERP system.

How is my data secured?

We prioritize your data security.

All data transmission is encrypted. Your data is secured with up to 256-bit TLS encryption (as protective as most online banking and shopping platforms). We also support a wide variety of cyphers for our communications, ensuring the highest level of encryption that your browser supports.

Most data is stored on our Canadian servers and physical access is highly restricted.

Will it integrate with my ERP?

MYminiCFO is currently integrated with Xero, Quickbooks, and Sage 300. If you have another ERP or wish to suggest one, please contact us.

What type of incentives are provided?

We automate five types of client incentive programs for our clients:

  • Immediate cash discounts
  • Cashback offers
  • Client credits (applicable on following invoices)
  • Discounts for longer invoicing periods
  • Credit sales (with or without premium on invoicing amount)

If you’d like to adopt another client incentive, please send us a message (in the “Contact Us” section).