Dear all,

After many months of hard work, we are very proud to announce the launch of MYminiCFO!

During almost 8 years of advising various international companies regarding their strategic & financing operations, I have been struck by how overlooked working capital management is. Old habits die hard. Most Finance teams feel they have limited control over Accounts Receivable (DSO). Invoices payment terms are too often considered as unadjustable and worse, some companies do not have a proactive strategy to curb the level of overdue invoices. In the same time, Sales teams generally are incentivized on other metrics.

This often results in suboptimal capital structure, high debt leverage and sometimes insolvency.

Depending on their cash needs and financial objectives, companies have the possibility to negotiate payment terms and invoicing periods with their clients, through client incentive programs. However, this requires a professional platform to manage the invoicing workflow with clients. This is why I have founded MyMiniCFO along with highly skilled developers.

Unleash the potential of your Cash Flow today!


Pierre Maynial, Founder of MYminiCFO