Boost your cash flow with early payments from your customers

We help finance executives and business owners improve cash flow by offering client rewards in return for early payments.

Transform your receivables into cash

Integrated with your ERP, our solution helps you set up and process the client incentive process that fits your financial goals.

Early Payment Rebates

Offer immediate or differed rebates (including cashback and credits)

Adjusted Invoicing Period

Offer shorter or longer invoicing or subscription periods, at different base prices

Credit sales

 Offer credit sales, to boost your sales (when cash flow is abundant)

Why our approach yields unique results

When trying to improve cash conversion, companies tend to adopt automated solutions such as payment tracking and dunning management. However, as buyers have opposite interests, the resulting impact on their cash flow is often limited.

In contrast, a collaborative “win-win” type approach makes a real difference.

Traditional obstacles to a fast order-to-cash cycle


Competing interests

Slow payments is part of buyers’ cash strategy

Inefficient Payable Process

Many buyers have an inefficient payable process


Immutable payment terms

Payment terms are considered as a norm (based on industry practice)

Why offering rewards overcome those challenges

Aligned buyer and seller's interests

Your clients are willing to pay early, when it gives them access to improved buying conditions (early payment discounts)

Your invoices are now "exceptions"

Clients will set up “exceptions” in their A/P process

Negotiated payment dates as a new norm

Classic payment terms become a basis for negotiation

“MyminiCFO empowers businesses to make trade-offs between cash generation and margins, depending on their primary financial objectives”

– David W. H., ProFinance

“B2B companies and suppliers now have a new tool to reduce their working capital requirements and ultimately optimize their financing structure.”

– Alex M., Ixema

Why this is right for your company

Use client rewards as a top-notch financing strategy

  • Cheaper than a credit line and without the hurdles of a banking process
  • No additional fees (upfront or hidden)
  • Improved client loyalty and satisfaction
  • Generation of new sales to price sensitive clients
  • Instantly tax deductible (unlike loan interest expenses, at year-end)
  • Reward costs can be mitigated by credit sales income (to select clients, at cash rich periods)

Pierre Maynial, Founder and CEO of MYminiCFO

Our team of financial experts is dedicated to your success

Hi, I’m Pierre.

Thanks for joining!

After providing equity and financing advice to companies for eight years, the lack of attention paid to working capital management surprised me. Old habits die hard. Most finance teams feel they have limited control over Accounts Receivable. Many companies don’t realize they can adjust invoice payment terms. Even worse, some businesses do not have a proactive strategy for reducing overdue invoices. Meanwhile, managers often consider other metrics when rewarding their sales teams.

The results are often capital structure inefficiency and high leverage, and sometimes insolvency.

Depending on their cash needs and financial objectives, companies can negotiate payment terms and invoicing periods with their clients by providing incentives. However, to do this they need a professional platform to manage their invoices.

This is why I have founded MyMiniCFO along with highly skilled developers. 

Time has come to unleash the cash trapped in your balance sheet.